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9 Crowdsourcing Community Progress


I love lending a hand. The people you meet while volunteering are often like-minded and everyone is there to better their community. You feel great, the community looks and feels better, and those you're helping are often experiencing life changing moments.

Here's the problem; it's a pain in the ass to find local community projects that I can simply go spend a Saturday afternoon joining. You either have to do hours of research finding an organization you want to join and then you're options are limited to what that organization is doing or you continue searching, find a few organizations and then have to jump through hoops to contact them and then find out what projects are coming up.

Here's the solution; a centralized database with an easy-to-use UI and interactive map which centralizes all upcoming community projects and allows people to sign up or donate money to that project. brings crowdsourcing for non-profits to the web in an easy to use application.

Organizations will be able to create a campaign for a single project which will allow them to raise funds and raise awareness about the volunteer opportunity and community members will be able to easily find local projects they can help or attend.

Features May Include:

- A central profile for the organization

- Interactive map with dates, locations of events, number of volunteers, and funds raised

- A video option for the organization to explain the project and why it's significant

- Volunteer sign-up sheet

- Ability to raise funds by accepting credit card payments


Suggestions and help are welcome! This is my first time programming anything and although I am a mouse trying to tackle a bear I believe so strongly in this project and think it could be an incredible benefit to all of our communities!


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