Emily Frazier

Graphic Design || BGSU '18





I was really excited to find this class on here, as these kinds of designs are something that I've seen a lot of recently and my Photoshop muscles need some exercise while I'm on break for the summer. Thanks for sharing this skill!

As for my project, I chose to put "here" with the flowers I pulled from the NYPL website (seriously - if you're looking for free images to use, look here!!!) because it is short, sweet, and serves as a reminder for myself to focus on what's actually going on currently. I hope to print it and hang it near my desk when I get back to school. I suppose it can also be scaled down and printed as a very vertical greeting card - probably good for giving gifts to a friend with a good sense of humor. But I will be using it for the former. 

Here's the original image too:



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