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here it goes

This is where I am at currently. I ran out of paper and a couple of my nibs broke, so I need to stock up and get a final image completed! So far I'm happy with my progress. It's nice to look over these images and critique myself more critically and improve where I can! Right now I think my biggest struggle is figuring out my style. I know this comes with many months and years of practice, but I feel like I can't get a consistent feel. Practice, practice I suppose. Feedback is much appreciated!

Most recent work is at the top!

some final ideas. 

I felt like I could work better if I had something that I was focusing on. So I just started to write a lot of my friends names and addresses. I also tried to try some different things. I really enjoyed playing with the more open format. 

A few weeks later.

Then I started to practice words and phrases. Definitely starting to feel a little more confident, but still having ups and downs. I struggled with keeping an even baseline and keeping the letters at the same angle. sometimes I found it just looking messy. But I kept on. 

Beginning to explore letterforms, still getting the hang of the pen and pressure. 

Getting used to the pen and practicing the basics. 


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