hellonicolas - student project



After some brutally honest feedback from some friends, I decided to explore a few more options. I'm actually digging these ;) The "HELLO," doesn't hold up when small, so I want to explore a small version of the logo as well. The cool thing about this is the logo will work on any background color, and I can have several versions: horizontal, vertical, and tiny.

Observation: after uploading, I realized the small logo looks a lot like Cartoon Network. Gah.

hellonicolas - image 1 - student project

hellonicolas - image 2 - student project



I still enjoy the previous concept a bit more, but here are a few interesting alternatives! While posting this, I realized I might be able to play with a "Hi" in there, along with the N... stay tuned!

hellonicolas - image 3 - student project

hellonicolas - image 4 - student project



Some preliminary, unexciting sketches! I kind the direction of some of the sketches from the bottom of image #2. I have a few digital versions I'm playing with as well, which I shall upload as soon as I can ;)

hellonicolas - image 5 - student project

hellonicolas - image 6 - student project

And some supa-dupa-dupa rough initial vectors (legibility issues, rough type for now, etc):

hellonicolas - image 7 - student project



Coming up with a personal logo is hard. Some words about my personality to help focus the direction a bit:

  • Fun / funny
  • Friendly
  • Good sense of humor
  • Perfectionist
  • Professional
  • Detail-oriented/meticulous
  • Knowledge-thirsty
  • Nerd/dork


I am going to use this class as an opportunity to redo (read: actually create) my personal logo/brand. I've used "hellonicolas" so far, but I'm not entirely married to that. Keeping it involves less work like changing my URL, and so forth ;)

I should add, I am a designer/art director in the digital space; I wasn't entirely happy with the progress/experience I was getting at work, so I decided to take some Skillshare classes to motivate me to practice and get better at what I do.

I love the idea of a logo with some variants, such a monogram. My logo/type inspiration thus far:



Nicolas Elizaga

Sr. Interactive Designer @ Discovery. Seattle!