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hell yeah!

-- update 2 --

hi there again!

so i struggled myself trough illustrator ;) and for a first project i'm not completed disappointment. (but i find the lettering to stiff and not really creative. i like the sketch more ;) )

so: i need to practices more and more to get the skills i'm happy with :) so you will see me here again :)


note: the plan was to skydive today. but the weather is not really helping for the jump. skydiving was on my mind the couple last day's and i think that skydiving give me some inspiration for this project. maybe i will work with these words again, or i'll choose some new ones :)

note II: no it's not me on the picture. i wish. i got the photo from http://www.freeimages.com/

-- update 1 --

so. hell yeah! i really like this class! it gives me a lot of information and tools to work with, hooray!

it was hard to choose 1 or 2 words. but, hell yeah, you have to choose at some point ;) normally i work only with flowers and cute words, so i thought it was time to choose something outside my comfort zone. 

i like that the phrase is actually a positive phrase (right?). the phrase is strong enough on it's own, so i thought that small letters are a nice contrast. 

now it's time to work with illustrator. its not my strongest point, so it's going to take some hours ;) (but, i want to learn, time to go to work!)





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