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happiness only real when shared

I started this project on The First Steps of Hand Lettering class, so if you'd like to see the initial process, here's the link: http://www.skillshare.com/classes/design/The-First-Steps-of-Hand-Lettering-Concept-to-Sketch-Lettering-I/389616295/projects/29162

inked version:


I based my color palette on the movie poster and also on the original picture of Christopher McCandless in front of his bus. (both images are on my mood board, in the project mentioned before)


I wanted it to have a "sign panting" feeling, with wood texture. I decided to take pictures of an old wood furniture and then, on Photoshop, I desaturated it and used the Levels and Threshold adjusments. I also put a paper on this same furniture e just scratched over it , so I ended up with two styles of texture.

Feedback is always welcome! Thank you!


I took some advices and changed the texture. I think it looks much better now ;)

(I'm losing image quality when I upload to skillshare though)



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