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happily ever after

Update 10/23

thanks for all the advice! Here is what I came up with last night, late. It obviously needs to be spaced out better and all that good stuff. :D Stillunsure about the "AFTER."

Update 10/22

i have been sketching and trying lettering and the lower case e's are driving me nuts. Any suggestions?

my phrase is happily ever after. Only three words. They all need to be different, I think. 

I like the left one best. But ewwww to the e style. Help!!!

Update 10/21

i found a couple of fonts that were inspiring. 

HI. I have no experience in lettering but I adore the look. Hoping to learn a lot. :D

For my project I am going to be creating wedding card with the sentiment, Happily Ever After.  I want the words to be the entire front of the card. 

whimsical. Mix of large and small letters. Colors. 

But because I am thinking of a wedding card when creating this, I am wavering between whimsical and more formal. 

I found this photo and love it! The colors. The banners. Flowers. Cake!! Definitely more of what I had in mind. Adding a few more photos in this look. 

And above is my first idea....


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