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Maria Renny

watercolor hobbyist



handlettering and watercolor

My fourite is handlettering with watercolor background. This is the right class for me :)

Project 1: Negative Space - I definitely have to refine the precision strokes


Project 2: Masking fluid - Is there a way to put the fluid without lifting out those already put on the paper? The masking fluid dried very quickly and salvaging any mistake meant lifting the tapes


Project 3: White paint - This may be the smoothest result that I can get. Easier to control too


Here's my first attempt in making "cloud". Not sure whether it's the white ink but it find it mixed with the background colours so it cannot be crisped white. Obviously my first time using filbert brush also needs more practice


Aaaaand here's my final project. First, I applied masking fluid on the cup and its flower pattern. Second, I paint around the handwritting using negative painting technique. Finally is the cloudlike smoke from the cup. I think it's getting better. I probably will use another type of white ink to check its consistency.



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