guiding rae of light

........So My friend employees the local Amish daughters to clean his house.  One day I asked him if he would introduce me to the family, in hopes that I could ask them If it could be convenient for me to spend an afternoon with them.  Mrs. H allowed me to come visit.  We sat to drink home grown and dried peppermint tea, and eat molasses cookies which the eldest daughter baked while we all chatted.  Actually I did all the chatting.  Mrs. H answered all of my questions like where does your water come from? A: a spring dough at a neighbors house three doors down; it's pumped through a hose into an above ground tank.  what sits in the tank gets used for cleaning, watering plants and animals and laundry, but when they want drinking water they remove the hose from tank and receive fresh spring water which is then carried 8 or so yards to the front door or barn, and 15 yards to the garden.  There is an out house, which a company comes by to empty, no electricity in the house. I asked if they rise and fall with the sun, she giggled and said oh no, she wakes to prepare her husband for work at 3:45am, then naps before waking at 6am to ready the children for school by 7am, which the bus drives by to pick them up.  They have no car, so they ask local retired people to drive them places.  They do have a Horse and a pony, and two horse drawn carriages.  One hauls 3-4 people on one bench seat covered in blue velvet, the other has two rows of bench, and under the bench seat is a car battery to power head lights and tail lights.  A carriage can be pulled by one or two horses.  there are two different brake systems for each, the light weight one has brake pads operated by a petal, the heavier has disc brakes which are much more reliable.

They have a wooden telephone booth at the corner of their three home block, with an answering machine.  Mrs. H has 8 children, one married daughter.  most of her daughters work as babysitters, and as a family they all work as quilters.

On this same day I met with another family, which I didn't take pictures of, but they run a store and bakery off the side of their house.  Mrs. Mae had a Daughter, lets call her De, who sat at the dinning table with me telling me how to get started being a medicine woman;  how to make tinctures and salves, books on essential oils and news letters which I should subscribe to, one being "little red hen News" which her now 89 year old grandmother started back in 2007.   Mrs Mae has 9 children and 40 grandchildren.  Wow.


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