gradation exercises

gradation exercises - student project

i'm new to acrylics!! these lessons are so good! so much to learn, i'm excited to work on all the projects :)

painting on this old drawing block paper which is not watercolor paper material :) 

using Daler Rowney Simply acrylic paint.. somehow found that the paint finishes very fast, since it's pretty much the right consistency squeezed out of tube, and if i add some water, it becomes too diluted .. is that right? 

gradation exercises - image 1 - student projectgradation exercises - image 2 - student project

gradation exercises - image 3 - student project

not sure if i did this right cos i didn't have 2 blues and both my reds were the same, so i just added more blue to make the ultramarine more cool and also i added blue to the red to make it cool haha 


also tried this with watercolors since i have never done that before! so fun!

gradation exercises - image 4 - student project