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A good is a term used for describing things, products we consume.  That is a very real definition of the word and I am all for you reading into the title with this understanding.  

But good is more than that.  It's a qualifier, an adjective thrown around far too often to the point that we have lost its meaning.  

I believe, perhaps naively, that we should not allow goods into our lives that don't look, feel or are...good.  

That means no shitty stuff, no shitty people, no shitty anything.  That's not always possible, but it should definitely be a goal.  So let's look for the good.  I think you can find some here.

I started my first furniture company when I was 13.  Belle Reve Home was great, it allowed me to find my creativity and channel it into a passion.  I found pieces of antique furniture, fixed them up and sold them to shops and customers throughout New England.  Eventually I developed a client base that wanted me to do more than just paint their furniture, but place it, and arrange their rooms as well.  All of sudden my paint shop in the garage, turned into an interior design office in my bedroom.

I am a person who sees progress through the creation of something and in that light, I think what we surround ourselves with affects how we live our lives: the goods of our lives.  Now this does not mean just the goods you buy, but also goods you create, as well as the goods that define us. 

As an adult, I have realized that there is a very significant difference between a person existing and a person living.  I want to help others achieve the latter, because the goods around us I belief affects the good within us.

In the long-run, I see good. as a brand encompassing furnishings, decorations, lifestyle consulting and interior design services.  But that is most defintiely a long-run goal.  Right now I am a 22 year old Law Clerk trying my best to figure out how to get there!

For this class, I am interested in opening good. as an entity in my new home in Brooklyn, New York and defining a presence at local flea markets and furniture store fronts in the area this summer.


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