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glitched textures

as a student in textile design, i am currently inspired by techniques that imply some level of randomness and lack of control. right now i'm working with printing (digital and silk screen), and i'm exploring different 'random' ways of creating images and surface. this is where glitching comes in!

march 28

hex editing in HxD

tried hex editing for the first time. seems that 'find & replace' mostly yields brightly coloured, narrow horizontal stripes, which are fun but only for so long.

i was more into cut&pasting sections of the code, which usually broke up the picture in horizontal blocks. it's fun to rearrange the picture like this, and i have no way of predicting the results!

i used some experimental and abstract photos, and i liked working with pictures that originally didn't have too much going on. these are some of my favourite results:

this one is made by cut&pasting around in the HxD. i have had good results with copying or cutting a large or small section, then pasting it again several times. sometimes many times in a row, sometimes evenly spaced all over the code.

these two are results of cut&pasting once or twice, rotating the picture and repeating.

this one follows the same procedure (no rotating), and then i have converted the file to a monochrome .bmp.

it's a shame that i can't use the text editing technique on my pc.

i do see some potential in the 'find&replace'-tecnique, I think the macro blocks make attractive patterns.

march 30

text editing in TextPad

i had understood, that the text editing technique did not work in windows, but that was incorrect. i have yet to experiment more with this, but here is one example of a random tv screenshot i had lying around (i think i used find&replace, and the pic was probably a .jpg), it is edited in WordPad.

i have played around a little with TextPad, it won't let me cut&paste, but i can put in anything i want, which has resulted in a lot of broken files, good and bad.

for instance, this happened from just putting in a line of hyphens. the top part is identical to the original file, which was a .png, but this kind of glitch isn't that interesting.

i had more luck with .jpgs:

^^ this is the original file (something i made and scanned for my printing project).

and this is the result of putting in lines of dots and other random stuff different places in the text.

i like what has happened to the colours. of course i could achieve this in photoshop, but this is a totally different experience, having no clue what i am doing, and then viewing the file. has it gone pitch black? does it open at all? is it just a bunch of white noise?

this for instance was a .png, where i used find&replace on a single symbol or letter. i like the texture, and it's cool that when i zoom in on it, the 'white noise' is actually really colourful:

maybe the resolution issue can be fixed some other time.

i also want to work more on zooming in and cropping out parts of the glitched files.

animated gifs

i wasn't sure i wanted to do much animation, but then i realized that it actually is super relevant to my assignment, as i am working with thermochromic inks that change according to the temperature of the fabric.

here is one of my first animated gifs (3 pics only,. i have slowed down the playback speed too):

kinda stressful to look at. here is another:

i am not yet sure how i am going to marry textile prints, thermochromism and glitch art (i haven't settled on how much i will integrate glitching in the project) - but i think the perspectives are really interesting! could i produce an animated fabric??

a little more hex editing

i think this one is really cool too. the picture was a scan of a texture i made on paper, and then it has been slightly edited in HxD, rotated and edited again. afterwards i converted it to black and white in photoshop - the original was black and white, but editing created all sorts of strange colours that i didn't really like.

april 1st

databending with Audacity

i am really enjoying working with Audacity for this, i like to have a more visual representation of the file i am breaking.

the effects are cool too.

this was a photo of bright light from the setting sun, behind some branches. i imported it to Audacity and cut&pasted one fairly large section, and suddenly these coloured alien lights appeared!


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