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Hi there skillshare community :)

I'm Geraldine, yoga teacher ayurveda practitioner&cook, and currently working towards my permaculture design certificate.

- What’s my mission? I want to inspire and share my passion for sustainable living, from the inside out, through a holistic approach. I'm dedicated to learn all I can to be a good citizen of planet earth and on the way pass the eco-spirit on to many others. :)

- What are my content buckets? 
1. Yoga: sharing yoga postures and exercises

2. Ayurvedic cooking: picture of food, share recipes and tips for healthy cooking.

3. Zero waste tip: DIY recipes and products.

4. Permaculture: a beautiful picture of nature and an inspirational quote related to sustainability as caption

What will be my personalized workflow?
I think I will reserve my Monday afternoon to all content for the week. For my stories I like to keep it simple and post real time. 

What do you think of my look and feel? :)


Your suggestion are most welcome about interesting topics or ideas to raise awareness. 


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Geraldine Tietzen
Vinyasa Krama Yoga & Ayurveda