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Gina Delgado

Owner, Principal Designer



gd biz card 1 sans serif

These are my 'iterations' (never heard that word before-but if it means evolution...i'm good) of my work for part 1 of the sans serif section.

My checklist for this project

  1. Must have feminine appeal, as the markets that I work in are driven by that segment of the population.
  2. Branding-my name, as my brand; easy to read.
  3. Not too trendy-must last a good number of years to build exposure and recognition as it 'is' before there is a need to update it.
  4. Considering a 2 sided card, with contact info. on the reverse. There are just too many names, titiles, contact information that goes onto these things now-it is fairly difficult to arrange it all.

Thank you for your feedback,



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