"Organizing Now!" is a company that views helping people and offices to work in a more effective way. They offer consulting, workshops and a few products related to organizing, like the above notebooks. As their work can affect a very broad variety of businesses, they are in search of making a solid brand and finding the right audience to offer their services.



The essence of any corporation are people. Products from people; services to people.

As technology is fast evolving, people and companies are learning how to incorporate it to their day to day lives. The shape of any work today is changing fast, and we must learn how to make the best of it.

The old notion of a workspace is related to a source of stress and frustration. Lack of communication and organization can take away any chance of success of a company.

Organizing Now is here to make a better understanding of your work routine and the people involved in it. Through problem-solving, effective time management, and with the right technologic resources, Organizing Now will make your office become a truly well-oiled machine.