future - student project

Theme: Uncertainty 

Reason: With several changes coming up from the future, I find it hard to cope with it and writing helps in understanding my own situation.


Small Noticings

- My current or daily state of mind.

- Other people's experiences

- Sacrifices

- Future probabilities

- Understanding the bigger picture

( I know these aren't 15, but I feel these are the only relevant ones)


Literary Tool



-Direct rhyme


1. Certain

I'm confused,
but don't question me

For I act more glee,
when I'm set free.

Let me solve it.



2. Asking?

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say
but I'm sure you'll make some sense of it

I'm here to pay my debts
and not to throw a fit



3. Meaning

Something of key importance,
yet unknown to most.

We spend our time looking
but by the end, we're all toast.

"Don't look for me,
as for myself, I'm lost".



4. Murder

Wings on my back
and everything's together.

One thing that I lack
will burn me forever.



5. Future

As the year goes by
questions arise
not necessarily important
but still enough to keep him alive

In a flurry of uncertainty, 
it's important to sacrifice.




Most of this is horrible and I'm sorry you had to go through this.