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fun with modern calligraphy

Update 28 Nov

Its been a while since I updated and I have been practicing lots (will take some more pics later)! Finally got my nib order so have had a chance to play around with the Nikko G, as well as a couple of other nibs. I have also had a try with gouache, below is my first attempt as part of the challenge Molly set up:

(done with a Hiro 40 nib and pebeo covering white gouache)

I really enjoyed doing this piece (its a quote from Game of Thrones- 'Fear cuts deeper than swords') but I'm not sure its actually legible!!! Ah well. Using the gouache was fun and I can't wait to start mixing up some custom colours.

Heres another quote a did a couple of weeks back- and played around with it a bit on the computer.

I think I'm maybe starting to see some of my own handwriting coming through, but feel like I've got ages to go before I have my own style. Loving ride along the way though!! Really enjoying seeing the AMAZING work being done on this site.

Comments+ crits are VERY welcome. thank you :)


This is my first skillshare class- and also my first calligraphy class. I have always loved hand lettering cards and little projects, and have a big interest in learning more about lettering (and am a fan of molly jacques) so this class really appealed to me! I'm really enjoying it so far....

First day:

I started with supplies I had on hand, a Hunt 101 imperial nib, and Pebeo India Ink, on Zeta layout paper. I have discovered that the nibs listed are not available at all here in New Zealand, so will have to carry on with this until I can order some from overseas!

Here is my first practice with I, O, U and S:

The last four lines were done with Higgins ink (Black Magic) which I managed to pick up, and a William Mitchell script pen nib, which was recommended in the art shop...unfortunately I later discovered its not really suitable. Loving the Higgins ink though!

Second day (higgins ink, hunt 101):

and starting on tracing the lower case alphabet

left was first try (india ink) and right was the second (higgins). I could see a difference between the two but still a long way to go! Still managing to splatter ink and need to get more confidence with moving the pen across the paper...

heres a closeup

Third Day (14/11/13)

More practice on lower case, first tracing (first line) then trying to draw it myself- eek! 

even though it seems to get worse the more times I draw it out, I feel like I'm getting more confident with making things up as I go... and I'm really getting into it. Obvious things I need to fix are keeping all the letters in the same angle, and the same size! Also finding that a-f is a lot harder for me than g-n.

I think my one and only nib is on its way out!! I had used it for other things prior to this class and now, its blobbing ink like mad and won't hold it for even one letter :( Need to wait for some more nibs to arrive before I can carry on I think. Can't wait to try the Nikko G!


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