from the vine

from the vine - student project

(funnily enough, I didn't see what the project was until today but had already been doing it)


these are all cuttings from a pothos n'joy I had that was having a hard time and slowly dying off. I decided to turn the remaining plant into cuttings to see if I could bring it back.


mid july:

from the vine - image 1 - student project
from the vine - image 2 - student project


mid november, with a home upgrade:

from the vine - image 3 - student project

from the vine - image 4 - student project

(its a bit hard to see, but they've all got decent roots)


they sit near the stove for warmth because the youtube video I originally watched said it was a good idea, and I change the water every 3-4 days. 


I'll probably try to plant them in the next week or so, likely into two separate plants so I can give one as a gift.