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framed (san) franciso

I actually reside east of phoenix, out in the suburbs of mesa. but "the streets" there are lined with schools and senior communities. not exactly fuel for this project. since i have been roadtripping all over the west coast these past weeks (zion, seattle, mount rainier, redding, san fran), I decided San Francisco would be the city I chose to represent.

Motion Blur - taken in the heart of chinatown, I thought this image represented a nice clash between the culture of chinatown and a typical American city


Lookup - captured in the financial district, I intended my lookup to accurately resemble the montony a corporate job here might hold


Night Photography - maybe I could bullshit my way through some metaphor about how the cab industry is dying and startups are taking over, but this was the only decent night shot i grabbed that wasn't too noisy.



Portrait - I'll admit this was captured a little ways off the downtown streets, but portrays San Francisco nonetheless. an asian family fishing for crabs (?) off a dock near the Golden Gate Bridge. seems pretty San Fran to me.


all of these images were taken with a Canon Rebel t3i (#brokestudent) and an 18-55 mm kit lens (and I thought kit lenses were practically useless). edited with VSCO Film 00 or 07 and Lightroom 5.


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