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former logo sketch

Started to doodle around just to get started. But then I watched some more episodes of the course and I’m feeling way to inspired to sleep, so I brought out all different kinds of brushes pens, glue, tape, inks, paint, markers (I’m really glad I’m in a space here that “let” me use my tag/graffiti pens, I will use them even where I feel tehy don’t “belong”) on my table for me to just play freely with tomorrow. Am really looking forward to touch textures and different paint and inks with my bare hands, but for now, in the middle of the night, I will have to try to sleep. See you soon

I’m not even going to try to do this logo, I’m going to do something for me. 


Next day:


Cleaning of another Oil Pastelle crayon from the blue one. Like the feeling it produced.


Listening to the radio and stoped using a brush and used the eyedropper form my ink-bottle instead.


Thought on white on slightly coloured paper.


Smash Patriarchy/Fascism/Rasism/Homophobia/Transphobia == Hate


Started with a steel nib, got frustrated and started using the eydropper instead. I’m really afraid and angry about the fascism spreading in Europe.


Simple is also nice. And blowing on the ink was an experience in it self. Felt close to it. 


So much fun in fact that it escalated quickly, and now I’m lightheaded but happy!

Some weeks later now.

I needed to do something on two subjects:

Men are overrepresented in suicide statistics. The idea of the man as stronger – mentally and physically – doesn’t allow for, the supposed weakness in, seeking help. The macho roll is hard to live up to. If you aren’t allowed to cry, mourn, be excited, caring, cheesy in love etc, and the only outlet is through violence in some form, then it’s pretty clear why the statistics looks like this. Men need to be allowed to feel all emotions without being looked down on.


That mental illness is something to take seriously. It is dangerous that some people (and media) are very anti-medication. If your friend had cancer you probably wouldn’t say “don’t treat it, medicine is always bad, buck up, you can do it”. Depression, and certainly reoccurring depressions more often than you’d think needs to be treated, just the way any other physical illness. This saves lives. And you can still make great art, just you wait. It is really very harmful not to take depression or bipolar disorders seriously. Care about one another, get your friends the help they need, don’t wait because you feel uncomfortable with them not feeling well. That is your problem, not theirs. You should call the closest hospital and say how your friend feels. Don’t leave it up to them, they have it bad enough. Some feels as though they deserve to feel the way they do, it is you who shall take the first step to show them that it isn’t their fault. But of course you should remember to take care of yourself too, leave it to professionals to do the actual work needed, you can be supportive as long as it doesn’t tear you down. 


I did this:

Do you think a should continue making things out of these thoughts?


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