follow your bliss

follow your bliss - student project

I already have been doing this kind exercises before, it was refreshing and inspiring to see Jordan's guidance and other's work. It is not easy to show your fear, desire and feeling especially in deepest. but it is very telling about who you really are and eventually let you follow your bliss! That's how I believe.follow your bliss - image 1 - student projectWhat inspires me in the moment. Connecting inside with who I am.

follow your bliss - image 2 - student project

follow your bliss - image 3 - student projectfollow your bliss - image 4 - student project

"Follow your bliss" is one of my favorite quotes by Joseph Campbell. A clean and blank page from sketchbook and pens in front of me always makes my heart flutter with excitement so I use that image. I feel my artistic journey is a way to follow my bliss. 

With all these I tried to draw whatever comes into my mind and not to do perfect or good because it isn't really for showing to someone but journaling to record and express what I feel. It was a creative and effective outlet to feel what I feel and see it through eyes. These are all personal but what I fear was most personal and didn't post it. Thank you for listening!