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fly PIA Airlines Ad

I really like the texture and colors in this ad.  I thought the clean & simple style would help me to concentrate on better understanding how to use many of the tools in illustrator.  And this ad is similar to the one Brad uses in the class - which I really liked!

Finished basic layout with colors

Here is my finished ad.  

I decided to add a little bit of texture to the background to try and give the illustration a little more character like in the original.

I downloaded a vintage paper texture from and opened it in Photoshop.  I desaturated it (CMD+Shft+U) then opened levels (CMD+L) and played around with the contrast until I was satisfied with how it looked.  I then opened color balance (CMD+B) to give the texture a teal tint so it would blend into the teal background of the illustration a bit more.  I saved the file and then placed it in my illustration file.  I put it behind the male figure but infront of the teal background because in the original, the male figure doesn't seem to have as much texture as the background.  I then adjusted the texture's transparency to Multiply with 40% opacity.

I tried using the same texture but in bitmap form as Brad explained how to do in the advanced video, but I just didn't like the way it looked.  I'm hoping to learn how to make my bitmap vector textures look more realistic but I'm just not there yet.

Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied with how my project progressed!  This was a fun class to work on my skills in illustrator.  


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