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fluffy snakes

Ally, a sheltered spoilt brat who was raised by her cousin (who she thinks is her brother), also her only living relative. They're not humans, though I haven't reflected this very well; they're arctic-dwelling snake monsters (THIS MAKES SENSE BIOLOGICALLY SHH), hence the really fluffy scarf, and possibly thick fur-lined clothing. Long story short, after years of being home-schooled, her cousin decided that she should go to one of the most prestigious high schools; Ally hated it, threw a fit, tried to get back home on her own and ended up in a completely different world. Good job Ally.

All things considered, this was really hard! Trying to make general shapes that would read okay is something I'm completely unused to; this was good practice, but I feel like I limited myself a lot with 1. Must have large fluffy scarf (this ended up clouding up a lot of things), 2. Must wear some sort of skirt/ long-ish dress. It gets slightly hard to show leg movements this way, and I'm normally fond of really dynamic poses, but I kept thinking- wait, wouldn't she just trip herself up doing that?! I ended up 'cheating' for some of them and just shortening the skirt.


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