flow - student project

This class was really fun and very easy to folllow! It's amazing how liberating making abstract art was!  I couldn't stop! This piece was my first... it was a deep dive into liquid golden purple high :) 


flow - image 1 - student project

So that wasn't the end of it... I quickly mixed another scene.. This time it was a calm river of mint and chocolate strawberry cake. 

flow - image 2 - student project

 And then back to an intense fire which reminds me of my flamenco class. Red, black, and white. Stark, strong and whirly like a Spanish manton (shawl) and the inner side of a bata de cola (dress)

flow - image 3 - student project

Finally I took a dive into milkier stuff and did the liberties of writing and drawing on top of it. 

flow - image 4 - student project

And here I go taking it a notch and drawing more on top of the pyschedelic lava of colours, my take on my new city.. Berlin. 

flow - image 5 - student project

Thank you for this class Rich Armstrong! Definitely took me for a good spin on the iPad! 


Maria Regina Tuazon
motion designer. illustrator. sketcher