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Mary Lawson

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



floral vs. geometric

I really wanted to specifically do the floral vs. geometric contrast. Both are pretty big in fashion at the moment, and I like them a lot. I have seen people do some great things with both, and wanted to do my take on it.

I started with a sketch, and photographed it. The pic was blurry, but it still worked.

I had to edit them to make them grayscale.

and the pattern repeats:


I did it in a ton of colorways. There was good, bad, and ugly.

Here were the results for the three colorways for the ones that I liked:

Cotton Candy:

Cherry Raspberry:

Blue Liquorice

Changed up the pinks, and edited a photo of jaquard & ended up with this: 

Pic of the Apron Test:



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