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floral ads

We see alot of ads, all day every day. This, I think, is awesome and refreshing. Apparently someone has been buying the busbench ad space in la and leaving it with pictures of flowers.

I like this because:

1) It's pro-beautification, without attacking anyone in particular (which would happen if it were "anti-problem")

2) It uses nature as the art ideal

These things have been popping up since '09/'10 i think, and it seem that once theyre there, they stay there, so as you can imagine, theres alot of these in la. One thing Ive noticed is that they are only in the la city limit; there arent any in pasadena, which is in la county but not the city of la. So, for whatever reason, the ads are kept in la.

-----------July 23----------

My flowers are coming along! I used different techniques for differernt flowers:

the far left was just the pen tool

the second the blob brush

the third was the shape builder

the rest was a mixture


-----------July 25----------

 Beep. Im done. I got really lazy toward the end.


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