first trials

first trials - student project

I took quite some time to finish this class. I did know basics of Photoshop but the class still had some things that I had no idea about. I was going to do ther other classes, the ones on environments etc but they all said that this class should be done first and I can see why.

This class was very helpful but I still need a lot of practice. I really like the method of building up values which I plan to use more already. 

first trials - image 1 - student project

first trials - image 2 - student project

As for the apple, in the beginning, I could not figure out how to do it at all and made some terrible ones like this.

first trials - image 3 - student project

Eventually, I was able to make something comparatively better.

first trials - image 4 - student project

I would not say that I am satisfied with what I made but I surely feel proud for finishing it. I do hope that I will improve with time. 

I will surely make more and then come back to see the progress that I have made in the future. :)

Thank you for making the class

Kiri P.
freelance artist and student