first digital artwork

first digital artwork - student project

first digital artwork - image 1 - student projectI started with drawing in pencil.first digital artwork - image 2 - student projectI used the ellipse symmetry tools to render the vase. first digital artwork - image 3 - student projectI worked on the vase with the ellipse tool.  I filled the color with flood fill, the  radial for the belly of the vase and linear for the top. I duplicated the layer, the one on the bottom I colored all black.  I used the transform tool to make a cast shadow. first digital artwork - image 4 - student projectI created a flower with the radial symmetry tool, I duplicated the layer and rotated one layer to make more petals for the flower. I added a circle and radial fill for the center.first digital artwork - image 5 - student projectI duplicated the flower layers and used the transform tool to make the flowers look different I arranged the flowers on the vase I flattened everything.  I duplicated the layer.  I used the flood fill and transform tool to create the linear shadow behind the vase. I used airbrush to add some shadow on the back of the vase.first digital artwork - image 6 - student projectPedro,

I considered  your critique and you are right. I think it really does looks better with the flower stems. Thank You.