(finished project) - Damned Knight

3rd Update:

I wanted to study the character with an illustration, so after some thumbnails i've started a pencil sketch, i've scanned it and worked a bit on photoshop for fixing mistakes and give it some colors, next i've added details to the drawing and printed it and colored with acrylic paint. When all the colors was established i've scanned the illustration and worked again on photoshop to the final illustration. I think it works but i'll be glad to have advice!

(sorry for my english)

2nd Update:

Following Mike's suggestion i've restarted from the pencil sketch, trying to reach my initial idea of a Damned Knight, also with is damned horse! 

This is a pencil sketch with a little of photoshop, i'd like to get some advice on the overall design before studying the details on toned paper.

And this is the sketch for his mount:

-----first version below-----

First of all i'm sorry for my english.

However, i had in mind some sort of damned knight but came out more like an orc. I would also make a mount for this character and maybe try other designs.

This is the first sketch, when I was satisfied with the concept I switched to the study on gray paper. I've used black and white watercolor, black, white and gray colored pencils and white gesso. The paper was a little too rough, so i'm struggling with the details. Now I'd like to hear some advice before switching to color.

What else to say? I hope to get some good advice and be able to improve my technique!


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