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Karin B.

lovely inky fingers




Hello out there!
My new calligraphy website is online:

Check it out!

hi guys,

I'm looking forward to your likes for my facebook page - Fingertips - Calligraphy Art & Design:

or you can follow my blog:

XOXO, Karin

Here another fun project:

Last step - FINISH

Hi guys, here my finished logo - what do you think?

Step 4 - photoshoppin'

so, after hours refining in photoshop i'm now really happy with the result - what do you think?

Step 3 - refining

here my last update for today - the logo isn't finished, but i think i'm on the right track - i
just draw it with a black felt pen - usually i grab my ink for that ...

Step 2 - sketching

here some more sketches - i really need some feedback from you guys :)
i think i'm going to work on with sketch no. 6 and/or no.18 ...

Step 1 - back to pencil and paper

i like my fingertips writing already but i've decided to go back to pencil and paper, maybe i achieve better results following each step molly shows in this class.

Here my first sketches and thoughts - i think i leave the word "fingertips" for itself - and i don't like it with a straight baseline. i also want to keep it simple without too many flourishes.

Next step: work on each single letter and it's variations


hi guys,

i just moved over from Molly Jacques Skillshare Class / Introduction of the Art of Modern Calligraphy to learn how do digitize & vectorize my calligraphy results.

Right now I'm working on my personal logo - "fingertips" - which is going to be the logo for my creative blog which is hopefully online soon :)

here i have already some scetches of the word "fingertips" - what do you guys think about that?


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