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fine art of poisoning

Hi, Everybody!

I have started this project with a challenge to make something concept-like, and chose a theme of vintage detective stories. The ones where naughty husbands and rich old women got poisoned, and well-known detective still finds out who did the thing.

Unfortunately, I don't have a decent camera to show the progress of practicing, still I will show the final pieces.

This was meant to be the cover:


Also, it's a title of the song by Jill Tracy - The Fine Art Of Poisoning

And then I started with some old-fashioned script and arsenic:


This how I found out that art-nouveau fonts better be vectorised. The idea of geometrical font in raster may be appealing but does not work equally well for all the fonts.

Then was another poison, strichnyne, which I made with copic markers:


This one was real pain, because a brush script is tricky and needs a lot of practice. I still don't feel the brush and will surely continue practising with the brush markers.

The last one was cyanide, which reminded me of secret agents or maybe spies. I used image of BMW Roadster (1935) to get behind the letters:


Overall I am pleased with the result, though there is so much more to do and to practice. 

Thank you so much, Andrea, your course was a helpful one, especially the tips about paper & pens and about tracing things! I enjoyed lettering a lot.


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