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final illustration: Summer Delights








Inspiration wise I found myself being drawn to soft feminine images with just a hint of structure which i hope will make for an intresteing and exciting project that will challenge me!


I've never been one for drawing faces I do like to challenge myself but I've kept them simple and a nod towards my personal style of sketching! I aimed to over exaggerate some of the dresses but I don't think this really happened!

I'm fairly happy with the sketches but wished I'd experimented more with the pose of the model. 

Applying water colour:

for some of the sketches I'm like how the water colour turned out, but others didn't go as planned. What I found is that I  want to add the colour super quick which results in one colour beeding into another, and a more messy finish.

when i take my time the results are much better. I do like using watercolours but I need to be completly relaxed to produce a good sketch that I'm happy with, also sorry about the scanned quality the watercolour paper was textured which really showed up :( 

Final Sketch:

I was really happy with the final outcome and i love how the embelishments add that extra dimention. i still need to practise with my drawing and water colour technique so thats somthing i can continue to work on.


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