fence - student project


this is a brand i just came up with. below is some dribble . enjoy. 

the fence is a place to mark change. 
once fenced in, it becomes necessary to look from other angles, what the restrictions are, and then therefore the options it creates…like animals: jump, climb, dig under, push thru: > the restriction holds the solution.
the concept intended for fence i was hoping to point towards the two-way (binary) notion of everything: good/evil, up/down, yin/yang and so on.
i like to focus on the in-between, the mashup, and the difference the in-between makes. sub cultures or at least the notion of the other tribe. 
instead of looking at the there and here, the in-between.
definitely not looking for a point of elevation and displacing an audience for the sake of the "you don't get it" groups> not a mechanism to elevate by looking down on others.
just a fun pisstake, on notions of normalcy.
most of the time the negative (the gap between - i.e.: negative space, distances between) creates a more vivid picture, a point to emphasise and an accessible abstract to draw inspiration from.
few colours, and line is the hope at this early stage for the illustration base. 
sorry i haven't been too forward with any contributions. 
ps. i am a guy from the tropical eastern part of australia > g'day mate.
thought this class sounded like a hoot, and learning is mostly good.
i work moslty in pen and ink, i feel a bit of a slacker for not posting any images yet, they are coming.
like i said above i am sorry i havent posted much yet. its great to be involved with you all in this class.
fence - image 1 - student project
so here is a pic i just came up with. i am just kinda winging the deliverables for the class, that isnt to say i am not taking it seriously, i am just trying to contribute whilst learning what i can from everyone in regards to the industry.  
the circle is to symbolize god/nature non human elements, the hard line beneath would be man/industrial type things; and is a chance to tie in the brand mark. the concept is involved mostly with the circle and line, the whale in the sky pulled along by birds is a little absurd decoration i suppose. the colours have gone a bit off from my software to here.