femme fatale

femme fatale  - student project

I'm drawn to the mortality data set #5: and the expanded data set that was offered in the discussion thread.

BRAINSTORMING (listing everything out)

death visuals

  • tombstones
  • black
  • body counts: body icons or slash marks stacked up for visual impact

regional emphasis

  • look at death by state
  • focus on deaths for just one state
  • using coastline image:

warp it by telescoping the states out to correspond with the #dead.  The more deaths, the longer the telescope (ugg the lack of html formatting in this box is driving me crazy!).

using body count imagery to fill in the states by cumulative deaths

colorcode the states to denote the mortality data- more death, more color (or black).

name genders story 

I'm feeling really drawn to deliniate datapoints to illustrate- not just the top 5 or top 10, but by name gender... using only the top five storms with female names.

Or vice versa- pick the top via male names, and make a gimmicky title punning off of maelstrom/malestorm.

political story

Other grouping possibilty besides going the above gendered route, is looking at storms just from various political reigns.

...like the hurricanes of the Reagan admin

Or democratic presidents and death tolls

(ohh this is getting creepy- hence my question in the discussion section on ethics and cherrypicking data)

Is this too correlative?

political story II: Vengeful God

running with the political incidental data theme of above... organizing storm mortality by political affiliation of the county in which storm struck land/is geographically tagged with.  Taking the talking head position of these modern times that storms and "acts of God" are a punishment.

I'd have to do additional data research for this one.  It feels interesting to go with a Vengeful God slant, 

...or I could just keep it simple :)

I haven't narrowed down what this project is yet. Though I really like the title Femme Fatale.


Update #2

femme fatale  - image 1 - student project

just in sketching the data of the top 5 female named storms- I'm realizing that map imagery doesn't really add much to the data.

...on to something else...


huh- regarding comparing male vs female named storms: female names were introduced for U.S. tropical cyclones in 1953 by the United States Weather Bureau.  Male names weren't introduced for the U.S. until 1979.  

So comparing male named storms vs female named storms inheriantly brings a date/timeline bias.


Update 3

here's last sketch for the day:femme fatale  - image 2 - student project

next- I'll try to make a geographical overlay work with it

this is broken in chrome now- can't upload update.