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My name is Nagib Zariquiey. I am an art student from Lima, Peru. I started experimenting with ink for less than two years ago and I love it. I love Yuko's artwork and when I heard that she was going to teach a inking class I was so excited. I have never taken any illustration class nor workshop, so there was a lot of details i didn't know, like which paper was the best to use or the differences among various types of watercolor papers.

In 2013 I started a blog / portfolio where I publish illustrations and personal projects. Here is the link:

I recently started with this project. They are imaginary portraits where I seek to show a transition point between male and female genders. I have taken as reference the classic family photo studio where they use a foggy background. I prefer to not use models for the portraits.

For the first two iIlustrations I used a 220gr watercolor paper and for the last illustration I used a 300gr cold-press watercolor paper.

I used Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink for the first two illustrations. When i took Yuko's Mastering Inking Basic and Pro Techniques class I saw that she was using Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star Waterproof Indian Ink MATTE and I was like oh my god I have to try this ink! So I asked my aunt, who was visiting Toronto, to buy me a bottle. I used it for the last illustration and I really noticed the ink is not very dense so you can easily move the brush and dries quickly.

When I used Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink sometimes I had to wait until it dries to continue. I'm not saying that this a bad ink but Dr. Ph. Martin's is definitely better.

The brushes that I use are Cotman by Winsor & Newton and Pictore by Tigre. Pictore is a Kolinsky sable-hair brush and they work very good.

Coloured final projects.

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