I'm so glad i took this class. Molly teaches very great techniques to preserve the calligraphic quality which I have always struggled with when I digitize my lettering.

This project is part of a calendar with different lettering styles. I chose February to be designed in a calligraphic fashion. This is intended to be printed in gold foil. Hope to upload the final product soon!

I skecthed some layouts with pencil, then practiced a bit with the pen and finally chose one of the iterations.

I realized that i have a very shaky hand, so i picked the best one to scan.

In this image you can see all edits i need to make from the scanned version.

With Molly's tips i was able to modify pretty much all the shaky strokes, and  shape the curves.

This is the final photoshop version ready to be vectorized in illustrator.

Here is the final design ready for production. However i would love some feedback from those disrening eyes and hear your opinion : ) 


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