#fearlessArtChallenge - student project

Time to let go and trust the process. 

DAY 1 - Journey

#fearlessArtChallenge - image 1 - student project


DAY 2 - Cloudwatching

Okay, I'm cheating a bit today (was late getting into the challenge). Two female faces and a screeching man came from my doodle.... almost an eery feeling!

#fearlessArtChallenge - image 2 - student project


DAY 3 - Slowly but surely

Okay, this one was interesting and actually needed to lite a candle and listen to classical music to help me slow down! But what a treat to find myself in the state of "flow". Slowing down for me meant :

- Do not forget to breathe while painting (I'm certain my heart rate went down, I was so relaxed)

- Actually taking time to watch the brush hairs squooosh down on the paper and how the paint was reacting to the brush fibers and the paper

- Giving the time for my curiosity to find new exploration paths... different ways to hold the brush, and trying brushes I haven't used in 20 years! 

This was very enlightening for me! #fearlessArtChallenge - image 3 - student project


DAY 4 - Shake it up!

Boy am I a sucker for "controlled chaos" and working small. Not today my dear! I went all and threw up I think. It's as though my hands were working faster than what my mind could compute, not allowing my inner critic to speak or my spirit to wonder... using the colours, mediums that my hands wanted to play with. TAKE THAT HA! 

#fearlessArtChallenge - image 4 - student project


DAY 3 - Metamorphosesessss

What an odd word to pronounce for such a magical (in my mind at least) thing. A butterfly-y flower-y doodle-y kind of line-y thing came from this prompt. Soooo soothing in a chaotic day!


#fearlessArtChallenge - image 5 - student project