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Still to be done:

  • Get user to change their password right away (it creates a devise one for them. Will redirect to user signup if possible) (done 3/13/2013)
  • Add "share" to facebook button (done 3/9/2013)
  • Fix/finish endless page (done 3/6/2013)
  • Add twitter support for sharing and sign up/sign in
  • Add activeadmin gem (done 3/5/2013)
  • add video support(added the ability to add youtube videos. 4/11/2013)
  • add categories/tags(done 3/18/2013)
  • add search (by categories/title)(done using tag cloud 3/18/2013)
  • add user show page(done 3/22/2013)
  • style it better.(Finished styling 4/11/2013)

Any other suggestions? Thanks for taking a look and don't forget to share a #FAIL!


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