Thinking of you always put a smile on my face
Butterflies in my tummy
You made me feel so loved
So beautiful as if I was
The only girl in the world
Picturing that look on your face
As you pull me close to you and whisper
Baby I love you
Would turn any bad day around
Plans of marriage and a future
Slowly falling in place
I would lay in bed dreaming of the day I finally
Get to say I do
What more could a girl ask for
And just like that it all came crashing down
The happiness
The love
The butterflies
Slowly fade away
I cry out to you
Please don’t go
But you can’t hear me
My days are shorter
My nights are longer
All I can do is pray
I wake up from this horrible dream
To only open my eyes and realize it’s not just a dream it’s reality my pillow soaked with tears
I’m crying
I’m begging
I’m pleading
For those feelings of Love and happiness you once had for me slowly fade away,,