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#facethebook is an arm of Bible League International A&NZ. The goal of #facethebook is to engage young people in reading their Bibles before they commit their time to facebook, which is inevitable in these days, and once they jump online on facebook, that they post what they read. That will create a chain of events, such as self discipline to read their Bibles daily, involuntary/ indirect discipleship as their friends will be reading daily what they post and it creates a conversation channel by using the technology associated with the hashtag sign. All that to say that we are helping young people find their roots in scripture.

Even though this has been incorporated within a big organization, the autonomy is still present.

The business mdoel consists in gathering like minded people in one place, influence them to use the same hashtag on their comments online to drive attention to the matter and spread the word about what we do beyond sharing thoughts online, which includes placing Bibles and other resources ont he hands of people who don't have that opportunity.

The hardest transaction is to get people to apply for recurring donations, so we can guaratee the future of the business and plan ahead of time our goals int erms of numbers. #facethebook helps us do that because it becomes easier t keep track of our conversations and new donors coming along.

Second part: Defining if we are free lancers or entrepreneurs.

We are actually both. At the present time, we must be free lancers, because we must be present in every presentation to drive interest in our cause, however, when we want to scale, we must train young leaders to do a greater and better job than I do myself, so the movement may grow organizally.


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