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Ashley Maas

Freelance Videographer/Editor



explosions in the sky.

Hi all. Just started the class today, July 17th.

Me.... I'm a video editor based in Brooklyn, NY. I do a lot with musicians and artists, but am working with a company that is looking to create a YouTube channel full of content. So here I am, learning the ins and outs so I can make these upcoming videos look fresh. 

The illustration I chose:

It's a tour poster for Explosions in the Sky. Besides it being incredible, I'm also a huge elephant fan. :) I hope I can do it justice!

July 17th, 11:30PM

Progress made! Obviously the colors are not exact. Made a bunch of shapes... the pieces of the elephant are going to be tricky/take awhile, though. Anyone have any tips on how to go about the rest of the big guy??

To be continued...


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