experience in the assisted sale


1.Few years ago I used to be assistant manager in a shop, the policy of our company was to be very close to the customers in order to make them buy more ( assited sale ) and I also had a target sale to reach where I could earn a percentage on it.

Happened lot of times that clients came in the shop asking products not being sure about any detail and as per our policy we assisted them for long time often without any purchase.

2.We used to push sells using the low prices talking to the customers like the product worth mainly because of that.

1. Now I got that assisting clients is not wrong but it is needed to identify the time wasters in order to optimize the time of my work and be focused on the right ones, for example if they did not have an idea on the kind of product that can fit for them and I had to spend maybe 30 minutes trying to let them realized in the mean time I could help other two or more customers realizing good sells and got less stressed. So in order to respect my policy I had to assist them just the needed time to realized the kind of customer and in case leave them in a gentle way inviting them to see our product and come back to me in case for any question or necessity.

 2. Being more informed on persuasion techniques at that time could make me realize that push just on the low price of the products was not helpful to increase the purchase of the single customer because I had to push instead on the persuasion using it to create a connection like “ we need to find the best product possible” using the liking principle, or like “ I have the same product and now is impossible to live without” to use the social proof of consensus principle and maybe also adding the scarcity one saying “ this material and design mixed together are very rare to find, I sow it just here to us and in a shop in an other state”