#1:The moonlight illuminated the city, it's glimmer pulsating in the distance. The air was draped in a coat of eerie silence. The humid air brushed past my cheeks, bringing the news of rain in its scent. Like a necklace around a fair lady's neck, the stars were placed delicately in the sky. The wind wove itself around the trees, trying to be noticed amidst their imposing and colossal presence. With grace these elegant elements spun out my deepest inhibitions, their beauty penetrating my eyes and forcing me to acknowledge the emotions around me. Alas we are hollow and yearning to be filled with emotions even we do not seem to understand,this fulfillment came from the mute illustration of the starry night.

#2: She stared at the photographer like he was taking something away from her. Her dress rested on her body effortlessly, and her body was slumped onto an angry,squeaky stool. As soon as the photographer yelled some technical gibberish out loud, a stumpy makeup boy pattered the girl's face with a bright powder that filled my nostrils with a batter-like smell. The powder was set aside thoughtlessly, on a table cluttered with a mountain of miscellaneous items. The girl began giving empty stares into the camera, as the lightboxes flashed instantly, with each click getting imposingly whiter. After giving a flippant excuse, she swiftly moved across to the bathroom, and her emotions began pouring onto her face, no amount of powder could've controlled this ruin. The camera had captured her feelings and left her empty, the lightboxes had penetrated her eyes so harshly she could no longer see her elegance and allure. She only saw her flaws inflated and later covered up with clouds of powder. She went back onto the crowded set where no one seemed concerned about her easily replaceable presence. The camera had captured the last of what was inside her, they called the pain in her eyes beautiful. She had nothing left for herself.



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