exercise 1

Color study-

I tend to get really tight when drawing or painting from life- I do much better working from imagination.  I think this took less than half an hour but in stages because I was waiting for paint to dry.

I posted both stages because I am torn- I like the freshness of the earlier version, but also like some of the detail in the later one.  This isn't the kind of project that excites me- I get too rigid and don't have fun with it.



I never post anything when I take a class but I committed to doing it for this one. I drew the first on tracing paper with a mechanical pencil. You don't get very dark darks but I love the texture of tracing paper for sketching.

I did the 2nd exercise on watercolor paper with a bamboo pen and wet brush using india ink. This is a new technique for me and still sort of out of control feeling. I love the accidents that happen though. For me the trick is stopping before it gets overworked. Maybe when I am more comfortable with it I will have more control.

On to the next!




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