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europe photo book

so this is my first time using inDesign and i'm vaguely familiar with other Adobe software so i thought i would start something simple. i'm making a photojournal booklet from a week that i spent in portugal a few months ago, it'll mostly consist of photos and quotes from conversations i had on the trip.

i haven't even finished all the tutorials yet so this is a ROUGH draft of the cover page. any feedback is welcome!

i decided to create a europe photo book instead, since i don't really have any text to add. i'm considering adding captiosn or quotes, but not sure if it'll fit in with the theme i'm thinking of. i decided to start with pictures from a few cities and see where that leads me. attached are a few pages i have so far:

UPDATE 1/17/15

I decided to take a break from my photo book project but i was actually able to use some indesign skills for the zine that i contribue to! they're pretty basic and are meant to have more of a DIY format but I'm looking forward to using indesign more, hopefully in the near future i can create my own zine to get more practice in. 


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