erikathegoober's YouTube Channel

erikathegoober's YouTube Channel - student project

Hi! I'm Erika, an illustrator and character designer! This is my YouTube channel! I already have an established audience on Instagram @erikathegoober. I try to keep my branding consistent across platforms by using the same icon, banner, and color scheme. I'm pretty new to making videos. Public speaking has always been a big fear of mine and I'm trying to overcome that fear a bit with making these videos! But my main goal with my art centered YouTube channel is to be able to give my audience more content and behind the scenes stuff than I can via Instagram and to help other artists grow and learn from my experiences!

That being said, I would love to hear your feedback on my video content! I'm working on speaking with more enthusiasm and energy to keep the viewer more engaged. I would also like to hear your thoughts on the overall first impressions of my channel as well as thoughts about my thumbnails! I've linked one of my videos below where you can visit my channel (I couldn't add just a link on here for some reason) Looking forward to hearing from you!



Erika Wiseman
Character Designer + Digital Illustrator