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ensō project (finding zen)

ensō - (or how I may find zen)

First update:

Ok, so currently I've went through step 1. Environment setup, and 2. Intro to Processing and HYPE, and I'm half way through step 3. Drawing visual assets.

I've played around in processing for a while, starting over and over and over and.... for a couple of 5 times now the past 3 years. So one could say I pretty much know the basics. This is probably good, and from what step 1. and 2. brought up, alot of refreshing memory stuff came back to me. However, the Sublime text 2 addition to my work environment was a HUUUUGE plus. I've had issues in the past with not working quite productively in Processing, and this may be why I'm losing my interest once in a while, but always came back. 

Me and my girlfriend will fulfill a dream this summer, going to japan. So this project will be some kind of process of what I'm expecting on that trip, and how I precieve japanese art and culture. My goal is to create another project when we return, with how it actually was. 

So, ofcourse the assets that we're creating in step 3. will all be themed around this. 
I've created a pinterest board to collect some stuff that relates to this for me, and planning on using them through-out this project. You can watch these here: 


And here is one of my favourite ones, the ensō:

Second update:

So, I created some .svg's from my pinterest collection, and quickly realized that I might need to theme up within the theme, kind of thing. I decided to create a collection of .svgs using the fat brushes from japanese calligraphy, and signs, such as the heart, and the ensō. Currently, I have a collection of 13 .svg's in different sizes that looks someting like this:


I created a nice color palette using this image(gotten from ffffound.com, a good source of weird pictures and colors, for those not knowing of it already):

And I got some nice blues, grays, greens and that red and yellow out of it:

(#2b3839, #334141, #374545, #525a5a, #676d6c, #d2564f, #f8db84, #262a30)

Using the HGridLayout in step 6. I finally gotten to try out my assets. At first I just wanted to see how they'd all look like with my color palette and how they estethically fit together:

I kind of like it, but there are several improvements to make here... I'm trying to find the weaker .svg's that disturbs my eye, and also what colors I might want to de-weight a bit.

Adding some rotation and sizing, removing some of the assets, stuff is starting to look pretty cool, but also really caotic:

Slowing the process down a bit, this came out pretty nice:

Used a combination of HGridLayout, HDrawablePool and HColorField, and HShape:


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