enjoy watercolor :)

First of all, I really Thank you all you guys who attended this class. You guys have great talents. Especially Ana! You gave a wonderful gift to me. I enjoyed these activities almost in 7 years. yeah.. It has been 7 years since I decided to quit drawing. I have been so sick of drawing something. But this class makes me change. I'm getting into such a drawing or painting more and more.  

#. Transparencies


I was confused using brushes and watercolor. I thought "Am I doing well?." I doubted myself on and on. haha. After this activity, I got used to it. 

#. Gradients #. Pulse and Precision


'Pulse and Precision' was one of my favorite activity. Simple but, it needs deep concentration. 

#. Monochrome


I draw some rose of Sharon(national flower of South Korea) for monochrome activity. It wasn't easy to realize my idea onto the paper. 

#. Experimental Watercolor Activity


Quite interesting activity. This time, I changed my sketchbook which has a rough finish. I used watercolor, Winsor&Newton ink for calligraphy (red, black, metallic silver), salt and olive oil. In my case, olive oil is not suitable fo this.

#. Jellyfish


I got a satisfying result. Salt effect dramatically appeared. 

#.Galaxy project. 


first galaxy. too much water!


This is my second galaxy project. I love this! 

** Thanks for reading my project. It was amazing class. ^_^


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