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enjoy the RIDE


I'll be working on the drawing I did in Mary Kate's first class.

Here is the ink drawing, traced from sketches. The letters are kept empty because I want to take the drawing further in the next class and I have in mind a color scheme which I'll add in Illustrator. I did two traces as I want the drop shadows and parts of the border to be different colors. The image above is a combination of the two.

I added some details around the letters in the style of old fun fair signs, and I felt that the drawing needed some kind of containment, so I played around with different shapes and came up with what you see, which to me suggests a kind of painted wooden sign you might see at a fair.

I'd be interested to hear what you think!

the philosphical bit:

I chose to illustrate this phrase that has become a kind of personal motto of late. It helps me to remember that all the little things I get stressed about are just that - little things, and that our time on this sphere is short so we should make the most of what we have. I've come to learn that rather than fixating on results, simply enjoying the process of whatever I'm doing adds real value to life.


I'm really getting into working with my hands and trying out new and creative processes, which is why I took this course. I'm inspired by anything that is well made and beautiful (and if it serves a purpose, that's a definite plus), and that led me to typography, lettering and hand painted signage.

"enjoy the RIDE" made me think about fun fair rides, and I began to see the possibilities of using the style of hand painted letters such as you'd see at the fairground. I looked for professionals in this area and found Joby Carter.


mood board:

I used Pinterest to make a moodboard. Marvelous tool for research, so much better than downloading tons of images. I installed the Pin It button in my browser too so I could add to my board from anywhere online.



I can't draw (I will, one day) so at the moment thumbnails are mostly done in my head. My phrase is only three words so it was a question of arranging them in a meaningful way. I also just wrote out the words in a variety of ways, with RIDE the largest word and in capitals and the others smaller and in a script style. The fairgound aspect led me to add a curve and shadow to the letters.


I first sketched out the phrase using Photoshop, which I'm familiar with so it's easier for me to do this part than it would be by hand. This allowed me to choose some fonts to base my own letters on and quickly distort the letters and size them in the way I had in mind. I also added a grid to help me line things up and place them properly.

The second sketch I did by hand and was a lot of fun, though it took a while.

I put some vinyl blackboard stickers on the kitchen cupboards. I thought that the ability to be able to wipe away my many mistakes and then to see the design on a large scale would help me get over the fact that I have no experience of doing anything like this. I was right. I'm going to leave the drawing up there for a while.

inked images:

Now that I'm clearer on the general design and style of the letters, my next step will be to do the same on paper, and see if any embellishments can or should be added.

final image:

Watch this space


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