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end of day reflection and journaling

1) what is your habit personality worktype 

Type 1: Upholder 5 Strong tendency
Type 2: Questioner 3 Small tendency

Type 3: Rebel

2 Small tendency
Type 4: Obliger 6 Very strong tendency

2) Why did you sign up for class: Interested in techniques for self improvement. I've had mixed success with lift and habit tracking, I tend to be able to start new habits but they wear out after a couple week long streaks. I'm trying to change my ways of working and work I work on from many smaller responsibilites to fewer, larger, more interesting ambitions. I am also trying to have a more normal life/work balance

3) My most sucessful habit, morning meditation, I pretty much do that every day unless I'm traveling and out of my normal context. I've gotten long streaks on flossing, writing and pushups.


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